Some Personal Fun

The main purpose of this site was to share and document my adventures around South Africa. I am fortunate to have a family that is somewhat well off in pounds and have agreed to allow me some time to travel and see the parts of the world that I always dreamed of during my childhood. Aside from the adventure and the excitement of venturing off into the unknown I also do enjoy spending time with friends and family as well as playing lots of golf!

I guess it is only fair to own up to the fact that I enjoy playing golf as much as traveling and South Africa offers some of the best courses to be found anywhere in the world. Mix that in with the climate and landscape and you have all the components to make SA one of the best golfing destinations in the world. Sun City is one of my favorites as it features two world class golf courses (if you are a golfer then I am sure you have seen the million dollar tournament broadcast from there) and there is plenty of other entertainment there as well. If you ever get out to SA then I highly recommend a few days at Sun City. Some of the courses throughout the region are placed in natural environments where animals live – playing golf with game surrounding you is an amazing experience that you cannot really describe.

Golf is a fast growing sport in the UK and there is supposed to be close to 2.5 millions golfers there (amazing for such a packed out place!) but the problem comes over winter time when the weather is bad. I was lucky enough to have a golf simulator to practice my golf at home while growing up but it is not the same as getting out onto the course. South African summer occurs at the same time as the UK winter so you can see another small motivation for planning my travels at this time of year. You can read this Optishot review if you want to learn more about indoor golf simulation.

I won’t spend any time detailing my golfing exploits on this blog as I plan to spend more time discussing my travels and off-the-map adventures but if I find anything interesting or scenery I feel is worth sharing then I will add it in.

In addition, I do enjoy trying out different wines and again this is the perfect region. SA is well known for it’s high quality wines at affordable prices so I will be sure to pass on any gems that I may find during my trip.

I hope to update soon when I am preparing to leave.