Outdoor by the River

Thanks for joining me on this epic adventure that I find myself in as I explore some of the amazing places throughout Southern Africa. I plan to travel from the North (near the border of Swaziland) down to the southern most tip at Cape Point. Interestingly Cape Point is actually not the most southern point of Africa, there is a nature reserve somewhere close to Port Elizabeth which apparently is the closest. I will post the name soon as I cannot recall off hand. I spent my childhood in the UK so you can imagine how exciting it is to spend time in a continent with so many wide open spaces and, of course, the sunny blue skies which you can almost guarantee for the most of the year.

African LandscapeAlthough there are some interesting places to visit where you can view game and the big 5 that is not really my primary goal. I do love to spend time in these parks but I have been there and done that I am looking for a different adventure this time so I plan to visit areas seldom seen by humans which are well off the beaten track.

My main concern will be my safety – this is for two reasons really. The first is the lack of medical facilities close to areas I plan to visit, if I happen to break my arm or get sick out in the wilderness it will be a life threatening situation as I would have my satellite phone to call for help. I do plan on keeping a friend informed of my location so if I do not check in they can send in some help! The other concern is for the amount of crime that the country suffers. It is a major problem and I just have to keep my fingers crossed that I stay safe and manage to avoid any major incidents.

Last year I had the opportunity to visit the Blyde River Canyon, a spectacular place with scenery you can only dream of – check out the video below to see an aerial view (someone submitted this video for a competition, thanks :-) )

I actually stayed in this area for a little under a week and squeezed in some rock climbing, mountain biking and found the time to hike around the lake. The area is close to Pilgrims Rest (a place you should visit if you find yourself in the area) as one of the original mining towns in South Africa. Much of the history is preserved and you can even have a go at panning for gold in the river! Close to the canyon are some other tourist attractions and view points that are worth checking out.

I plan to begin my adventure sometime around the first week of November, as South Africa will be just getting into Summer at that point and although it is the rainy season it is the best time for serious adventure as there is likely to be water around if things should go wrong.

I hope you will find the time to check back and keep an eye on my journey over the coming six months.