Health and Fitness for Travelling

As you know from reading up on my blog I have a love for traveling which makes it a little bit difficult to post on a regular basis. Internet connectivity is not the best in SA! It has been quite some time since I provided an update so I am sure there are many of you out there wondering what I have been up to recently. I have also been sick with Malaria. It just goes to show you how the medicine has become ineffective these days. I took all the precautions but somehow I still managed to catch it. This meant I had to postpone the first part of my trip for a few weeks and then before I knew it Christmas had arrived.

I decided to head back to the UK for the past couple of months to ensure my health was monitored properly and also to spend some time with family and friends. I spent some time with a nutritionist over there as well who has got me juicing every morning to ensure I get stronger – this is the machine I use and I highly recommend it- I think I will keep to that plan as I can already feel the difference from my daily fruit and vegetable mix! Overall, not a great start to my journey but we live and learn :-)

I am currently in a small town in South Africa called Nelspruit where I am getting ready to resume my journey. I will keep this post brief as there is not much to talk about anyway and then I will start with my main updates as my journey gets underway – please come back soon and look for my updates!